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VEMUTO for Universities

  • Vemuto attracts professionals from companies offering perks for professional advancements.

  • Employees from these companies are connected to the right courses in the Universities geographically suitable. Vemuto helps:

    • Employees of the companies adapt to the latest technology and trends

    • Universities find the right professional talent for the courses.

  • Vemuto ensures awareness of courses among industry professional and prepares professionals for today's disruption.

An Insight into the process

Vemuto for Business

  • Encourages community building among buyers who shares similar interests.

  • Encourages leaving feedback at every steps of the way by incentivizing buyers as reviewers of the week/month/year, business of the week/month/year.

  • Encourages loyalties as bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum customers.

  • Gathers the valuable insights about customer preferences, what they are buying, what products/services is being sold in combination

Back-end analytics accounts for extensive user preferences and engagement.

How VEMUTO Works

Deploy Vemuto under its Logo. Customize accordingly

Deploy Vemuto as White Label Application. Customize accordingly

How VEMUTO can help your business

Creates customer insights for more effective target marketing

Identifies buying behavioral patterns

Incents customers to provide referrals

Today's market lacks a platform that


Provides a personalized buying/selling network

Flexible Use

Identifies consumer's choices and presents them with personalized options from diverse industries

Free to Use

Understands consumers true experience with products & services

Open Source

Changes based on real-time market trends & Emphasizes a personal and emotional buying process

What is Trusted Feedback?

We identify the customers and offer them products matching their preferences. Vemuto encourages customers to share their feedback and ratings for their buying experiences which in turn becomes trusted feedback for friends and family.

Vemuto helps sharing products/services with compelling value with little to no marketing budget among a group of trusted friends and families. Our application uses publicly provided comments and ratings to build your network of buyers/sellers.

Value Add

Visibility of products and services is created by featuring an "Item of the week" and "Experience of the week" that identifies the Buyers

Businesses can make compelling products accessible to the masses with little or no marketing budget.

Provides personalized choices to customers based on feedback, Identified profiles, linked contacts, ratings and purchase history on the application.

Provide a real-time notification to a business and trusted network when feedback is written about their businesses or products.

Creates instantaneous customer interaction by enabling them to provide feedback.

Personalized recommendations generated by VEMUTO continue to refine as user likes/dislikes the recommendation. Vemuto strives to build 100 percent accurate recommendations to grow adoption and win user confidence.

Enhanced Personalization

Consumer confidence in business products and services

Sharing business experience and feedback

Building a network of buyers and sellers

Offering suggestions for cross sell and up sell opportunities

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